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Adventure: 2D platformer, 3D platformer, Interactive fiction, Roguelike

Fighting: 2D Fighter, 3D Fighter, Beat'em up, Wrestling, Boxing

Action: First-person shooter, Light gun, Rail shooter, Shmup (Shoot'em up), Stealth action, Survival horror, Third-person action, Third-person shooter, Vehicular combat

RPG: Action RPG, Alternate reality game, Console RPG, MMOG, MMORPG, PC RPG, Strategy RPG

Strategy game: 4XS, RTS, TBS

Racing: Arcade racer, Futuristic racer, Kart racer, Simulation racer

Simulation: Flight simulation, Train simulation, Life simulation, Virtual pet, Open-ended simulation

Sport: Arcade sport, Extreme sport, Simulation sport, Statistical sport

Parlor: Edutainment, Microgame, Music game, Party game, Puzzle


Misc: Board game, Browser-based, Pinball, Side-scroller, Eroge, Collectable card game, Trading card game, Social games

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